Hopkins Academy

The City of Hopkins offers the Hopkins Citizens Academy as a free opportunity to find out more about how your City works.


This four-session course is designed to give you an in-depth look into City departments and programs. Each City department team will bring attendees behind the scenes and into the operations.

The sessions, which run on Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., are designed to be interactive as well as fun and informative.

Session Dates

  • Thursday, April 5
  • Thursday, April 12
  • Thursday, April 19
  • Thursday, April 26
Citizens Academy Participants Stand With Police Personnel

Apply for Hopkins Academy

You must be at leat 18 years old and live, work or be a community leader in Hopkins to be eligible for this program. Because space is limited, participation in this year's Academy is not guaranteed.The City will confirm your participation after the March 1 application deadline. To apply view and complete the Hopkins Academy Application online form or view and complete the Hopkins Academy Application (PDF).

Recent Graduate Remarks

  • "Can I go through the program again?!”
  • "It was fascinating learning about our City government."
  • "I'm glad to be invited to this class. I think every resident should, sooner or later, attend these sessions."
  • “I loved this program. It was wonderful meeting everyone in the different departments. Thank you!”
  • “Absolutely superb! Very informative and fun!”
  • “Great program- have already recommended it to a store owner and my neighbors!”
  • “Great job- can tell the people running Hopkins are really proud of it!”
  • “I have great respect for the work being done by the city employees!”
  • "Fun, informative, good presentations, good information. Well worth my time."
  • "I'm glad to live in a city where this class is offered."
  • "I have been in Hopkins 24 years and never really realized there was so much behind the scenes."

Past Citizens Academy Photos

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