Special Assessments & Fees

Special Assessments allow Cities to charge specific properties for the cost of making a local improvement that benefits those properties.

The special assessment charges cover a portion of the project’s cost and are paid off with interest over time. A property will not be assessed more for a project than the increase in value from the project.

Pending Special Assessments

Pending special assessment information can be obtained by calling the Special Assessment Clerk at 952-548-6310.

Levied Special Assessments

Payoffs of levied special assessments (assessments currently appearing on the property taxes) can be obtained by calling the Special Assessment Clerk at 952-548-6310. They also can be obtained by calling Hennepin County Property Tax at 612-348-3011. Mail payments for remaining balances to:

City of Hopkins
Attn Special Assessment Clerk
1010 1st Street S
Hopkins, MN 55343

The deadline for paying off current levied special assessment balances is November 14 of each year.

Deferrals of Special Assessments

A special assessment deferral is a postponement of the special assessment amount that must be paid at some time in the future. It is not an exemption, exclusion, or forgiveness of any amount. Deferred assessments accrue simple interest during the deferment period. The deferral becomes a lien against the property.

Housing Improvement Area Fees

The City of Hopkins has the authority to establish housing improvement areas under the Housing Improvement Act (1994 Minnesota Laws, Chapter 587, Article 9, Section 22 through 31).

Within a housing improvement area, the City can sell bonds to pay for various improvements to individual housing units and common areas. Those bonds are then repaid through fees imposed on the owners of the units who are receiving a benefit from the project.

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