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Ask the City

  1. Ask the City

    During normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.), your submission will be forwarded immediately to the appropriate... More…

City Clerk

  1. Business Registration

    Businesses located in the City of Hopkins are required to register. Additional licenses may be required. Based upon the information... More…

  1. Request for Liquor License Application


  1. Animal License

    The City of Hopkins requires that your dog have a license as soon as it is six months old.

  2. Renew Rental License Application
  1. New Rental License Application


  1. Criminal Activity Tip Form
  2. National Night Out Registration and Street Closure

    Use this form to register your party for National Night Out.

  3. Police Participation Request Form
  4. Reserve Officer Application

    Use this form to apply to become a Hopkins Police Department Reserve Officer

  1. Fingerprinting Request Form
  2. Police Department Intern Application

    Use this form to apply to be a Hopkins Police Department intern

  3. Police Records Data Request Form
  4. Safety Camp Registration

Public Works

  1. Bulk Item Pick-Up Request Form
  2. Dumpster Permit Application

    Use this form to apply for a dumpster permit.

  3. Refuse/Recycling Container Request Form
  4. Request a Permit for an Overload Vehicle

    Use this form to apply for a permit for an overload vehicle

  1. Downtown Park Rental Request Form

    This form allows you to check availability on dates and times to reserve the park.

  2. Public Works Customer Service Request
  3. Report a Pothole
  4. Sidewalk Complaint

    Please select the condition that best describes the situation