Building Permit Application

We now have E-permits! 

Visit the Permit Application Portal to apply for a permit online. 

You can also obtain a permit by downloading and returning the application to the address noted on it. Some permits require you to submit additional documents or obtain additional permits, so read the application carefully.

Building, Installation or Repairs Permits

Residents: See the Building and Remodeling section to find helpful guides to applying for permits, the inspections process, and projects such as decks, garages, and finishing your basement.

NOTE: If your project takes place in the Minnehaha Creek watershed, it might require additional permits from the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District. Find out more from the MCWD.

Fire-Related / Alarm Systems Permits

*Fee: $45, plus additional $30 if second inspection is required.

**Permit fees are calculated based off of project valuation.

Zoning Permits

Browse through zoning permits.

*Fee: $45, plus additional $30 if second inspection is required.