Goal II - Urban Design: Do It Right

Hopkins has been recognized as a city that encourages smart urban design. This includes the ability to walk to stores and other amenities. Advancing these goals also improves the small town feel.

Strategy 1: Improve Walking & Biking Infrastructure in the City;

Strategy 2: Practice Environmental Responsibility

  1. Implement the sidewalk and trail master plan and partner with other agencies to improve and update paths, trails, and crossings in the community, supporting “Complete Street” initiatives.
  2. Explore local transportation opportunities.
Two People on Bikes at Trail

Strategy 3: Support a Range of Housing Options

  1. Explore ways to strengthen the edges of downtown
  2. Continue to explore ways to enhance the Mainstreet experience

Strategy 4: Engage in LRT Planning & Transit-Orientated Development

  1. Develop a schedule for rezoning properties to conform to Comprehensive Plan guidance
  2. Partner with Hennepin County and SWLRT cities to maximize the benefit and minimize disruption during construction
  3. Work with Minnetonka and Hennepin County to implement the vision for the Shady Oak LRT station
  4. Work with all stakeholders to implement and build on recommendations of the Blake Road Corridor plans
  5. Continue to explore and promote sustainability programs and initiatives in our community