Goal III - Take It to Them

Hopkins has a reputation for strong community involvement and engagement. The City needs to build upon that strength by reaching out to deliver our messages and hear from our stakeholders. Hopkins is a unique community with over 65% rental housing and 40% non-white or Hispanic population.  Diversity is a celebrated asset.

Strategy 1: Involve Diverse Populations

  1. Promote cultural celebrations
  2. Explore methods to involve Multicultural Advisory Committee in community building
  3. Continue to seek out diversity on boards and commissions
  4. Promote opportunities to raise awareness and understanding of race, equity, and diversity
  5. Monitor and track data on racial disparities where applicable to work towards systemic changes to produce equitable outcomes
  6. Continue to build relationships with members of our diverse community

Strategy 2: Engage the Rental Community of Hopkins

  1. Intentionally engage rental communities
  2. Implement a program to provide city information to new renters
Rasp Renters

Strategy 3: Inspire Community and Engagement

  1. Encourage volunteerism and expand volunteer opportunities.
  2. Conduct community meetings at alternative locations
  3. Educate the community in the area of emergency preparedness
  4. Identify opportunities to partner with youth, schools, businesses and faith-based organizations
  5. Promote opportunities to raise awareness and understanding of race, equity and diversity
  6. Creatively engage and market the community using technology and unique platforms