Step to it

Do you have a competitive spirit? Do you want a fun and easy way to get in shape this spring? Then the four-week Step To It Challenge is for you, register now on the Step To It website.

Get Active With Your Community

The Step To It Challenge is a fun, lighted-hearted way to connect with family, friends, and neighbors, and get moving again after a long winter. Over 20 communities will compete to see which one has the most active residents. Participants from each city will have a chance to win fun prizes which will be announced soon.

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How it Works

As a Step To It participant, you will keep an ongoing total of the steps you take during the challenge. Using an activity conversion chart on the Step To It website, other activities such as biking, skateboarding, Tai Chi, or even just mowing the lawn can count toward overall steps. The Step To It Challenge website will allow you to record your steps online, or your step total can be called in or faxed. Best of all, it’s free!

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Fun Ways to Log Steps in Hopkins

About Step To It

The Step To It Challenge is a friendly, physical activity competition which began in 2009 with five Hennepin County community partners.

Since then this fun, lighthearted campaign has expanded to over 20 communities and the varied worksites they encompass.

Along with creating camaraderie and spirit, it’s a great opportunity for people of all ages to get moving after a long winter.

Comments From Past Participations

Here are some comments from past participants:

  • “This program jump started my exercise routine just in time to get active during the spring and summer! In four weeks I have lost ten pounds and am more active with my kids. Thanks!”
  • “It just felt good to exercise. I had more energy.”
  • “It was a fun program as the family really took it to heart and challenged each other. As a result, we did a lot of fun things together or tried to catch up with each other. This is a tough thing to do when you have all young adults. We truly bonded and had a lot of fun.”
  • “With this program being in the spring each year, it helps motivate me to continue to exercise throughout the summer and into the fall!"

Suggested Walking Paths

We've put together some suggested walking trails in Hopkins for you, ranging in distance from one half mile to nearly two miles.