Building & Lighting

{BPO1} Efficient Existing Public Buildings

  • Work with utilities and others to assess and finance energy and sustainability improvements of existing structures

Actions Taken

Hopkins continually updates the Minnesota B3 benchmarking database. The City then uses the information to assess energy efficiency in all City-owned buildings. Hopkins had two buildings fall into the bottom third of the B3 energy performance ranking: City Hall and the parking ramp. City Hall received new boilers in fall of 2010, and the parking ramp is scheduled for new lighting in spring 2011. With the help from a grant, the Depot Coffee House will be installing solar panels on the roof.

{BPO4} Efficient Building and Street Lighting & Signals

  • Improve the efficiency of public and private lighting ans signals

Actions Taken

The City has installed and will continue to install LED lights, Dark-Sky compliant outdoor lighting, and solar-powered signs whenever possible. Stoplights are synchronized to minimize the wait time for cars, cutting down their idling time. In 2008 Hopkins installed solar-powered, flashing trail crossing signs in Burnes Park.