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Yard Waste Sticker Request Form

  1. If you would like to order a minimum of 10 yard waste stickers, have the stickers mailed to you and the fees placed on your utility bill, please call 952-939-1382 to order or submit the form below. The stickers will be mailed on the next working day.

    If you would like to be placed on the yard waste pick up list call 952-939-1382 or register on the yard waste pick-up form.
  2. Yard waste must be bagged in compostable bags with yard waste stickers affixed to each bag. The bags need to be set out four feet from where your garbage and recycle carts sit on garbage day, but on Thursday by 7 a.m.

    Pick-ups must be scheduled by calling 952-939-1382 or registering on the yard waste pick up form.

    To find out what the charge is for yard waste stickers, please check our website.
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