Park System Master Plan

A 20 year vision for the Hopkins Park System 

The City of Hopkins Park System Master Plan will help establish a 20-year vision for the Hopkins park, open and public spaces system to ensure that it is prioritizing the needs, desires and interests of the community today and the next 20 years based on anticipated demographic, economic, and recreation trends and preferences, and social changes.

The City has partnered with Confluence Design out of Minneapolis to develop the plan. 

The Park System will evaluate how current and future public gathering spaces (Artery, Clocktower Plaza and the Hopkins Center for the Arts plaza) are being used and how they can be enhanced to maximize community and economic development goals. 

Goals of the Park System Master Plan

The City of Hopkins is hoping to create an equity-based master plan that seeks balance in the park system to meet the needs of all Hopkins residents, businesses and stakeholders, considering usability, access and differences in physical ability, race, age, income, housing status, language and culture. 

Plan content 

The plan will consist of prioritizing park system needs, desires and interests of the community today, while also ensuring the park system is managed, maintained, and developed with a sustainable and climate-change focused approach. 

Community input and engagement

The engagement process to inform the development of the plan ranges from meetings with City officials, meetings with stakeholders and partners, and active engagement with the community throughout the planning process. 

How will engagement be utilized? 

Community involvement and feedback will help the City develop a clear understanding of the needs of the community. This will ensure a clear action plan and guidance for the Hopkins park system.

Provide input

Visit the Hopkins Park System Master Plan social pinpoint website to learn more about the plan and find online engagement exercises to help provide feedback.