Responding to False Fire Alarms

To ensure the highest degree of safety for the owners and residents of buildings with fire alarm systems, we will be using these procedures when called to a building false alarm.

Water Flow Alarm (Sprinklers)

  • Water flowing, no fire: Assist the owner and occupants as necessary to preserve personal property and the building.
  • No water flowing, no fire: Notify a representative of the building owner and/or occupant.

Automatic Fire Alarms (Smoke & Heat Detectors)

  • Pull station activated, burnt food, water in the detector, shampooing the carpet, construction dust, welding smoke or any other known reason for the false alarm: We will assist in the removal of smoke and/or resetting the system, reminding the manager that detectors should be covered to protect them while dust is being produced.
  • Unknown cause or storm related alarms: We will do everything we can to determine why the fire alarm system activated. If there is no apparent reason for the alarm, the fire department will not attempt to reset the system. We will require the occupant to call a qualified service technician to determine why the fire alarm system activated and to make proper repairs. The service company will be required to complete a report and return it to the fire department. The report will ask questions as to why the alarm went off, how the problem was remedied, and what things should be done to keep this from happening again.

    Until the qualified service technician arrives, the fire department will maintain a fire watch in the corridor area affected by the alarm. The owner of the property will be required to pay a fee for this service. The rate is currently $50 per hour with a two-hour minimum. If authorization to call for service cannot be obtained a standby firefighter shall be assigned for however long it takes to get a qualified technician on site.
    • Exception 1: If the owner’s representative agrees, the fire department will call a service company that has agreed to respond in less than one hour. If this is the case, the owner’s representative may provide the fire watch. The fire alarm service company will bill the owner.
    • Exception 2: If the fire alarm company normally servicing a specific system can guarantee that they will have a technician site within one hour, the owner’s representative may provide the fire watch.