Private Sidewalk Repairs

If you live in the inspections area, the adjoining carriage walk on your property (the sidewalk between the public sidewalk and the curb) will also be inspected. If it is found to be unsafe for pedestrian traffic, City policy places the responsibility for adequate maintenance and repair with the adjoining property owners. You have the following options under the policy:

  • Removal: The carriage walk would be removed and replaced with black dirt and seed at the City's expense.
  • Restoration: You may choose, in lieu of the black dirt and seed, to pay for the carriage walk to be replaced to meet City safety standards. The finished carriage walk must be a minimum of 3 feet wide. The City will inform you of the cost for replacement of the carriage walk adjoining your property.

Note: Carriage walks with formed joints will be inspected at time of removal. If it is determined that partial panel repair will remove the hazard without affecting the remaining walk, then partial panel repair will be allowed and you will only be billed for the panel replaced.