Hydrant Flushing

Every spring, the City flushes the water hydrants to make sure they work when needed. Fire hydrants are flushed to remove minerals deposits that may occur inside the water distribution pipes.

Flushing hydrants may cause some water discoloration problems. Residents are cautioned against doing laundry, especially white clothing, while City crews are in the area. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine where any sediment or discoloration problems may occur.

Water is safe to drink and can be cleared up by running the cold water in your laundry tub.

Parents should warn their children to use caution around the City utility crews who will be busy in the neighborhood during flushing periods.

If you experience problems, please contact Public Works at 952-548-6373.

Fire Hydrant

2020 Flushing Schedule

Public Works utility crews will be flushing fire hydrants throughout the community April 13 to May 1.

  • April 13 to 17
    Hydrants north of Excelsior Boulevard and west of Highway 169
  • April 20 to 24
    Hydrants south of Excelsior Boulevard and west of Highway 169
  • April 27 to May 1
    Hydrants east of Highway 169

If you own or manage a business or townhome/apartment complex, please arrange for your private hydrants to be flushed by a contractor during the same time frame that the City is flushing in your area.

2020 Hydrant Flushing Zones Map