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Advancing Careers and Employment (ACE) Program Application

  1. About the Advancing Careers and Employment Program

    The ACE program seeks to provide youth who face barriers to employment with an opportunity to build skills, experience leadership roles, and gain valuable work. 

    The internship experience will run from mid-June to mid-August.

  2. Personal Information
  3. Gender*
  4. Race/Ethnicity*
  5. Are you between the ages of 16-24?*
  6. Are you available to attend and complete the ACEentials training on May 6? *
  7. Do you live in Hopkins or Minnetonka, or attend school in the Hopkins or Minnetonka School Districts? *
  8. Education
  9. What is your current school status?*
  10. What grade are you in?*
  11. Do you face a barrier to employment? Check all that apply.*
  12. I have a disability
  13. I receive the following public assistance
  14. Internship Information
  15. Are you able to commit to 18 hours per week, Tuesday through Thursday?*
  16. Are you attending summer school?*
  17. Will you be attending any other camps, programs, sports practices, etc. that will conflict with a summer internship?*
  18. What type of internship would you like to work in? Select all that apply.*
  19. Do you have reliable transportation to and from work during the summer?*
  20. Tennessen Warning*

    The ACE program receives state or federally funded resources. Therefore, we will have to collect personal and family information from you. 

    The information we are asking you to provide in this form is private, declared by Minnesota Statute 13.47 subdivision 2. We are obligated to inform you of the reason for collecting this data and how we will use the data. 

    You are not legally required to answer the questions, but it greatly assists us in determining the ability of us to serve you. 

    The data collected may be shared with other government organizations who have the legal authority to obtain this information such as U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Higher Education, Office of the Legislative Auditor, State Auditor, employment and training service providers, welfare agencies. 

    The collected data may be shared in a court order situation or with schools in which you may attend. 

    If you need more information or clarification on DEED data privacy policies, please visit

    Information that may be asked if you choose to proceed may include the following. 

    • Name, address, birth date, contact information, and emergency contacts: Used to identify you and connect with you. 
    • Gender, ethnicity, race, disability, veteran status, family status, and economic status: Assist with determining eligibility into the ACE program. 
    • Other personal information: Information such as work history and career goals help us to adequately match eligible participants to internships. 

    For applicants under 18, please get parent/guardian permission. This is an application for a paid internship and does not guarantee you a paid internship position, eligibility applies and youth accepted to the program will be formally notified. By submitting this application you acknowledge that you have read the above notice and understand the information may be shared with other service providers/agencies as stated.

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