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Dumpster Permit Application

  1. Dumpster Permit Application
    Application must be approved by Public Works Director or Street/Traffic/Sanitation Superintendent prior to placement
  2. Dumpster Location Information
  3. Can an emergency vehicle get through if necessary?*
  4. I understand that the dumpster must be placed in the driveway or on private property unless there is no place for it. To prevent damage to city sidewalks, dumpsters must not be placed behind city sidewalks.*
  5. I understand that I am required to place flasher/barricades at each end of the dumpster as shown below.*
  6. Dumpster permit image
    • Barricades must be standard, Class II, folding work barricades with working flashers.
    • Containers must have reflector on outside corner facing oncoming traffic.

  7. Applicant Information
  8. Container Supplier/Hauler
  9. Requirements
    1. Maximum permit period of 7 days.
    2. Applicant and Hauler are responsible for street damage.
    3. Barricading (supplied by Applicant) as shown above.
    4. Container(s) will be required to be removed immediately if not in compliance with permit requirements.
    5. Must be a valid reason why container(s) can't be placed on private property.
  10. Class II Barricade Rentals
    The following vendors stock the approved barricades for rental. This information is being supplied to you as a service. The City of Hopkins does not endorse any of these vendors.

    • Warning Lights
    • Q3 Contracting (Traffic Division)

  11. I understand that this permit application is not approved until an email with the permit is sent to me by the City of Hopkins.*
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